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Transport & Travel
Search the Railway Time Schedule by locations (from – to), time period and date
Certification of Competency Verification (Using COC Number)
Find branched details of National Transport Medical Institute
Find National Highway Information
Check train schedule for desired destination in the selected time intervals
Facilitate to find out the distance and calculate the cost of the parcel transportation
On-line flight reservation from Sri Lanka Air Force
Watch Keeping Performance Certificate Verification (Using Certificate Number)
Allows user to renew the revenue licenses by online validating the status of vehicle insurance and emission (if applicable)
Reserve intercity train tickets anytime, anywhere! Simply call Mobitel Ticketing service short code 365 from any Postpaid and Prepaid Mobitel Connection to reserve Kandy Colombo intercity, Vauniya Intercity, Vauniya Night mail, Yaldevi, Badulla Nightmail,

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