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Sri Lanka's first safari park will be completed in October

Sri Lanka’s first Safari Park is coming up at Ridiyagama in Hambantota. Plans are afoot to complete the work and vest it with the public in October. Construction work is being expedited on the First Safari Park which would be a boom to the tourism industry.

In Sri Lanka although  Local as well as foreign tourists can enjoy the beauty of National parks, Sanctuaries and forest areas they did not have a safari park. in the island.

Construction work on the first Safari Parkin Sri Lanka which spans about 500 acres was launched in the year 2008. The work is handled by the National Zoological Department. Four Zones of this park will be reserved for carnivorous animals while the remaining two zones will be set apart for herbivorous animals.

Of these two zones one section will be exclusively reserved for dangerous animals such as lions, tigers, leopards, etc. The estimated cost of the first stage of the project is 1600 million rupees.Work on several sectors has already been completed. Among them is the hospital to treat animals, the internal and external paved road network, small tanks, the security fence and the electric fence.

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